Platinum Fashion Academy

Founded in London 1992, the go to market place for models around the world that want to become trained models in the fashion industry. Platinum Fashion Academy LONDON opens its first branch in ANTALYA and coming soon to MIAMI.

Platinum Fashion Academy


We closely follow the developments in the world with the world-class curriculums and equipment and offer fast and effective solutions.
  • 1992Our Mission

    To have personal and corporate trainings with our professional staff and to have course contents that will satisfy our trainees 100%.
  • 1992Our Vision

    Modern, creative and Turkey's most preferred with a rational approach to education and training centers to be one of the successful.
  • 1992Our Values

    • Expertise • Professionalism
    • Benefit in education • Trainee satisfaction
    • Lasting success • Corporate satisfaction
    • Final solution • Awareness raising

Our Academy is the Best Choice for Your Career.

Platinum Fashion Academy CAMP Training


The camp, which will be held in a 5-star hotel in Antalya every three months, has planned an effective and result-based education and implementation organization in a different process with local and foreign trainers as well as panel and accelerated practical training programs of celebrities.

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ince 1997, platinum Fashion Academy has trained more than 1000 young women in modeling, modeling and personal development.


latinum Fashion Academy has been established with the aim of providing personal development trainings to help people in their business and social lives.
Since its inception, Platinum Fashion Academy has established its foundations on employment and sectoral productivity, with expert instructors, academics, famous models and life coaches, art directors, public relations experts and photographers.


latinum Fashion Academy, one of the best training centers of Europe, provides training that will provide professional competence to its trainees with its education system that is renewed day by day. Our Training Center, which offers courses for individuals and organizations, is a course for modeling courses, children, young people, adults and institutions. Diction, Body Language, Acting, Dance, Skin Care and Make-up Trainings offer supportive courses.


iss Tourism World - Mrs Tourism World - Mr Tourism World- Miss Millionaire - Miss Teen Millionaire - Miss Teen Millionaire - Model Of The World - Model Of The World and the player agency (Millionaire Managements). LONDON 147 Having the organization in the country continues to be our most important advantage. Our office opened in Antalya after Miami, Miami also includes academia and agency services.