Basic Modeling Training

Do you want to step into the world of modeling by discovering your skills? Trainings that will increase your professional competence, enable you to walk correctly and impressively on the podium, provide you with an elegant and remarkable model that will enable you to show up in international fashion shows…

Walking Training

A good model pays attention to the physics, a good model walks towards the podium, a good model is based on the idea that the costume presents the right and this information, such as this model, the young people learning the Pankum Training and Podium Behind the podium, modeling and modeling industry will come to better places .

Elegance Training

Would you like to make your stance, look, sitting and take-off more meaningful? Achieving success in business and social life, learning to take control of your emotions, being elegant and admirable, being appreciated by grace trainings...

Basic Photomodeling Training

Walking and Adab-i Muaşeret Training; In social life, the most important necessity of civilization is etiquette. In the simplest way to know how to sit, to stand up and to know the rules of the right table creates a serious self-confidence. It covers the program which can be prepared with a wide range of contents from the bilateral relations to the rules to be followed in business life. You will be noticed in the environment you enter with the trainings to be taken with the use of correct walking and body language.
Basic photomodeling training
Posture and walking methods
Synchronized motion trainings and calligraphic works
Correct posture and aesthetic walking
Basic concepts in personal relations
Basic rules for creating personal images
Right expression in front of society
Basic concepts of male and female social postures and reputation methods
Our bodies get to know the right dressing and society
Basic information on compliance with rules and standards

Camera View Training

Considering the arrival journey of all living things, it has a rhythm. Our heart is beating with rhythm, what we call time in every moment of our lives is actually none other than rhythm. If everyone's fingerprints are different, our body and inner rhythm is different. If your heart beats you have a beat, you're walking, dancing, you have a rhythm. By combining this rhythm with your body identity, we will introduce you to your unique camera posture. Wishing to meet at the same heartbeat…


Camera Front Play

Stage and Camera Acting training; It is a program for adult candidates who want to enter the world of TV and cinema. In this program, which is created in order to gain the new faces that the sector needs; valuable instructors will share the theoretical and practical knowledge with their students and prepare them for entry into the profession.

Diction and Usual-Emotional Expression

According to the rules of Turkish; to develop fluent, comprehensible and good speaking skills, to express themselves effectively, to be able to say all voices correctly and sound in terms of sound-science, to use the voice of the individual effectively and to be able to speak in front of the public.

Camera Front Motion Techniques

The aim of this course is to enable the participants to communicate better and to express themselves better in their business and social lives, to have a more effective, more professional image, to control their feelings and movements, to help them solve the body language.

Audition Techniques

It prepares the candidates for Auditon, which is the first step for the selection of series, cinema and advertising acting with our professional instructors.

Creativity and Improvisation

You will have the knowledge and skills of the acting profession with the trainings given by the most important names in the fields of our country and you will be able to take part in the sector. Practical and theoretical trainings will take you to both stage and TV, and you will be directed to the construction and cast companies we cooperate with.


Skill and Ability Discovery

Many people want to study in a suitable section and get the right job for him, but there is a question in his head; Abilir What is the most appropriate part for me? Iğ and? How can I tell if a section is right for me? “. You will find answers to these and similar questions.

Fashion Design Education

When the fashion concept changes every year or even at any time, becoming a fashion designer becomes more important. People who give direction to fashion are not only liked with their abilities but also with their professional competencies and art understanding. If you want to get a good fashion design education and get a place in the industry you need to develop yourself in every sense. You should know that only the ability and the work in the sector is not enough. Many of the best designers use their talents as well as the hardness of the designs they produce. Ability is only a small part of the work. A good drawing and understanding of pleasure are information that can be obtained later.

Business Administration

Through business school, many students develop skills that are useful in management, such as being leaders and communicating effectively. A master's degree in business can teach you to adapt to agile and changing situations. This is a skill that is often valued by most employers.

Basic Business Rules

585/5000 In fact, if we want to make it easier to understand, the rules, such as the rules of life, rules of football, in a special context to be adhered to - principles that must be applied. In this sense, business rules are abstractions consisting of principles, guidelines, principles, etc. related to the conduct of an organization. Business rules are part of the business, directing the job, running decision-making mechanisms, or limiting the way it does business. The algorithms, coefficients, ratios, etc. used in the calculations in business forms. numbers, limits, classifications with special meaning are always different aspects of business rules.

Etiquette and Elegance

To help young people spend their lives in high quality, to train strong and self-confident young people, to gain the correct behavior, posture and speech, to provide an identity that will provide success in their business and social lives, to ensure that they live happily and in harmony with their environment.